Amazing Hardwood Floors

Floorcare Tips

Congratulations! You have decided to invest in hardwood floors. Here are some tips that will help you protect your investment.


Do’s in Hardwood Floor Maintenance

  • If you’re using anything that-s water-based to clean your hardwood floor, make sure you use a piece of dry cloth or something similar to brush up the remaining water from the ground. Water is your floor’s biggest enemy and leaving open pools of water on the floor will result in it going through some nasty changes and swell up.
  • Do sweep your floors regularly, using a broom that doesn’t risk scratching the floors.
  • Vacuum frequently as sweeping can not always clean up your floor thoroughly. For example, in the gaps between planks, the dust and dirt that has gathered up can only be picked up by a vacuum, not a brush.
  • Use rugs to protect your floor from spills (guessing where the spills occur is not really that hard to do – around the bed, table, work desk and so forth).
  • Protect your hardwood floors from the sunlight by using drapes.
  • Do be careful when moving furniture back in the room you just floored: scratches are easily done during this stage and they’ll ruin your work.


Don’ts in Hardwood Floor Care

  • Don’t leave water or any other water-based solution to dry up on the floor. This will cause it to expand and degrade over time.
  • Never use a mop on a waxed floor.
  • Don’t use a vacuum cleaner with beater bars that could potentially scratch the floor.
  • Don’t use hard brushes that could hurt your floor’s integrity.
  • Don’t try to repair gaps forming between planks by yourself. Use a professional for the job, otherwise you could damage your site.
  • Don’t treat your floor with any solutions that might be damaging to the finishing. It’s really a good option to just ask the retailer for an alternative, or whether or not that particular solution is compatible with the type of finish you have.