Amazing Hardwood Floors

What Does Dustless Mean?

DUSTLESS SANDING – it’s finally here!

Hardwood floors add beauty and value to your home, and refinishing is the best way to enhance and preserve that beauty.

Traditional hardwood floor sanding is typically an extremely dusty process – a dust-storm in your home, lingering dust in your air-ducts, and a cleanup headache that feels like it will never end.

Now, Amazing Hardwood Floors offers a cleaner, healthier and faster process with their revolutionary dustless floor sanding system

Let’s Reduce Dust

The innovative system Amazing Hardwood Floors uses is a powerful vacuum connected to our sanding equipment, evacuating the airborne dust generated from the sanding process, and collecting it  into our vacuum.  Is it perfectly dust free?  No, it won’t keep all the dust away.  Most of it it’s going to be vacuumed, but naturally some will still escape. That’s why we cover with plastic the most important areas like, cabinets, tv’s, pictures, fireplaces if needed, etc. but the main think is that we try hard to keep as much dust as possible away from homes including also covering the air vents as well.